Why you should control your jealousy?

Jealous man.

Uncontrolled jealousy is often based, not on fact, but on fanciful imagination."

Here are some examples to illustrate the bad effects of uncontrolled jealousy

Bad effects of uncontrolled jealousy

A wife might notice that her husband appears to be giving extra attention to another woman who is quite pretty or who is a sparkling conversationalist.

While there may be no basis for distrusting her husband, soon seeds of suspicion are found in the wife’s heart, seeds that can grow into the malicious weed of jealousy, destroying her happiness and even her home.

Or a husband might notice that his wife seems to enjoy talking with a particular man who has a striking personality or who has many interesting experiences to relate.

Unless he controls his jealousy, the husband could allow baseless jealousy to increase until he is reduced to a bitter dictator of his wife’s actions.

And yet his wife may have been completely faithful to him, having no romantic interest in the other man at all.

Jealousy is also used at times as an underhanded tool.

As an illustration, a young girl might be interested in a boy who does not openly return her attention.

In order to increase his interest in her, she might dishonestly feign romantic interest in another boy.

She hopes to use this third person as a fulcrum on which she will use jealousy as a bar or lever to raise the interest of the first boy toward her.

Obviously this subterfuge does emotional harm to the innocent boy being used.

Controlling jealousy

Of course, within the marriage union exclusive devotion is proper in certain respects.

A married individual has the right to the marital due and the intimate expressions of affection from a marriage mate.

But this does not mean that married people can have no friends aside from their mates.

Balance in appreciating what is proper association will greatly relieve persons who have a tendency to be jealous of their mates.

It is normal and proper to have love for your family and friends, but it has been said that in jealousy there is more self-love than love.

When you see a loved one enjoying the company of another person, you should honestly admit to yourself that possibly that person has a personality trait or ability that you do not.

Instead of resenting that, more happiness would be produced for all if you would join your mate or loved one in enjoying the knowledge, ability or personality of that other person.

If married, you should realize that your mate loves, accepts and needs you, but that does not mean that you are perfect, with all knowledge and abilities.

When you learn of things or persons that your mate enjoys, instead of competing and struggling to be possessive, why not join your mate in what or who they enjoy?

In this way mutual love is built up, and it will also eliminate jealousy.

Appreciating your limitations can help you resist the form jealousy that runs contrary to true love.

You may then enjoy increased peace with your family and friends.