What you cannot buy with money?

Burning money.

A 52 year old man stood in deep sorrow one morning looking at what was left of his factory.

It had burned to the ground.

As he stood looking at the smoldering heaps of ashes, he said to his wife:

“There goes are all our hopes, all our savings and all our plans. Well, I guess we've lost everything”

“Everything?” asked a friend who was standing nearby.

“Yes, everything,” was the bitter reply.

“There is no hope. I’m too old to start all over again.”

“But isn't this your wife” the friend asked.

“Yes, she’s a good wife, she has stuck with me all this years” was the answer.

“You have a wonderful wife, devoted children, friends, neighbors, your health and you say you have lost everything. Supposed you lost these instead of your factory; then how you would feel?” inquired the friend.

Then it dawn on him that throughout the years he had become so engrossed in making a living that he lost sight of the things that counts most in life, things that money cannot buy.

Limitations of money

There is no need to condemn money itself.

We can appreciate the truthfulness of this, for it is almost impossible to take care of feeding, clothing and housing without money.

We also need it to meet other needs such as piped water, electricity, heating transportation and hospital care.

Hence, money has a place in life and it is well to grant it its proper place.

But making money one’s primary goal is the greatest folly, because money can fail when human needs are greatest.

For example, when life is engulfed in sorrow because of a loss of a loved one in death, what can money do to wipe away the sorrow?

When youth fades and old age sets in, what can money do to restore one’s lost youthful vigor?

When health fails, what joy, hope or satisfaction is there in knowing that one’s vault is filled with money?

Thus, the sensible thing is to realize that money has limitations and that it cannot buy everything.

What money can’t buy?

There are things far more valuable than money.

Life is not to be compared with money.

You cannot buy life with money nor can money buy a child’s devotion, a mother’s affection or father’s compassion.

If you were blind, living your days in darkness, what would you give to be able to see?

How much would it be worth to see your family and friends?

What price for a glorious sunset, for a chance to see a flower grow and blossom?

Block out all sounds from your ears someday.

It is shocking how empty and lonely a place this earth can suddenly become without the pleasant words of a loved one, the sound of laughter, the voice of a child, the song of birds, the enjoyment of music and the hum of everyday life.

Even the sound of your own voice is a reassuring.

These are things money can’t buy.


Indeed, money is important in meeting our daily physical needs.

However, do not falsely assume that, what little wealth fails to give, great wealth will accomplish.

With your wealth you can buy goods, but not happiness.

No doubt you work hard to get money; such hard work is part of life.

But as we have learned, the things of the most enduring value are the ones that money cannot buy.

Treasure those things daily in your life.