Why good personal appearance really matters?

Woman at the door.

The doorbell rings.

The lady of the house rushes to the door and opens it.

A very dear friend of her has called unexpectedly and has found her at her very worst hair up in curlers, a sleeve partly torn on her dress, slip showing, sagging hose and untidy shoes.

How do you think she feels?

Does she graciously invite her unexpected guest in, and then sit down with ease to talk?

Or does she flush with embarrassment, fuss with her hair, apologize for her appearance, then suddenly realize that she is still standing at the door?

Your personal appearance does make a difference as to how you feel in the presence of others.

Still, there are many today who are sloppy in their appearance.

Their irresponsible attitude is frequently described as a form of rebellion against traditional standards.

A word of caution, therefore, appears timely.

No matter what the present style may be, it should be weighed judiciously.

Clothes do express one’s personality.

Personal appearance in communication  

What excuse is there for being dressed sloppily?

Often it is not a matter of dress, but a matter of neatness and cleanliness.

Since people do regard appearances, we cannot afford to disregard how we look.

People form their opinion of us and of what we believe to a large extent by outward signs.

That is why you often hear , them say, “I like the way he looks,” or, “She’s always so neat and clean.”

And as you look around, you will notice that your eyes see not only what people are wearing but also the way they wear their clothes.

In fact, your grooming is one of the most important aspects of your personal appearance.

Employers like the people in their employ to dress well.

This does not necessarily mean one needs expensive clothes.

The most expensive garment in the world can look unimpressive if not worn correctly, with the right accessories, or if it is not correctly fitted, shortened or lengthened.

Have you noticed how pleased you are to see people who are not only well dressed but neatly dressed?

A neat appearance bespeaks a certain grace and poise.

It means being attentive to oneself so that one’s appearance is free from what is unbecoming, inappropriate or distasteful.

For example, a coat may be fashionable, a fine lit, but it may have a button loose or missing, which can mar your whole appearance.

Your suit may be made out of the finest materials and tailored to a tee, but that food spot on the lapel is all many people will remember.

Your shoes may be in style, but are they polished?

Your shirt may be made of silk or Egyptian cotton, but is the collar clean?

Neatness has to do with those things that reflect on one’s personality.

Many people do not have money to buy expensive clothing, but the clothes they do have can be neat and clean. This is what counts.

A run in one’s hose may seem like such a little thing, yet people will notice it and consider you careless or thoughtless if you persist in wearing them.

An unshaven face may cause a man to feel like some rugged individualist, but others may simply think him lazy for not having shaved.

A person may well reason that a shirt can be washed at night and be worn the next day clean.

Soiled garments generally make one feel uncomfortable when in the presence of others, especially so in the presence of persons who are neat and clean.

At such times one wishes one had taken the time to sew on that button, change that dirty shirt and make oneself more presentable.

Body care and grooming standards

Good grooming is a reflection of a healthy personality.

It includes more than being well dressed.

It embraces cleanliness, care of skin, teeth, hands and hair.

Such cleanliness shows that we regard others; it is a mark of love.

The importance of a clean body to proper personal appearance cannot be overemphasized.

A man may be dressed in a tuxedo and a girl in an evening gown, but failing to bathe can ruin the Whole evening for them and others. People perspire.

This is why it is so essential to keep the body clean, so that the unpleasant odors can be kept to a minimum.

Regular bathing is very important.

Your face is the part of your body that people will notice first.

What will they remember about your face? Of all things, your face should be clean, presentable.

Your mouth is one of the most outstanding features of your face.

It can be attractive by expressing warmth and pleasantness by smiling often.

Sparkling teeth, well brushed, make a bright smile.

Well-kept hair complements the face.

Lustrous hair, well kept and becomingly styled, is one of woman’s greatest aids to physical beauty.

The beauty of her hair can be enhanced by brushing, shampooing and by a becoming arrangement.

Look at your hands.

Do you like what you see?

It takes so little to keep hands clean and neat, yet the rewards are great.

Your feet also deserve careful attention.

The average person walks about 70,000 miles in a lifetime.

Imagine walking that distance with painful feet!

Feet that hurt do horrible things to the body.

They destroy graceful motions, play havoc with your posture, not to mention what they do to your disposition.

Modern footwear often exposes much of the foot.

Can one’s feet, especially the toenails, take examining, or will their appearance be an embarrassment?

Adequate sleep and early training

Perhaps nothing contributes to a pleasant appearance like a proper amount of sleep.

The lack of sleep may show up on your face, in the way you walk and talk and in your very disposition.

Cosmetics hardly cover up lack of sleep signs.

Lines appear around the eyes, the glow disappears.

Dears from one’s complexion, thinking is impaired, body movements slow down, and a sunny disposition can turn to one of meanness.

The art of being well dressed comes from early training.

If your mother insisted that you come to the table with clean hands and face, well-brushed hair and fresh clothes for dinner, then you have reason to be thankful to your mother, because she has been trying to make later life easier for you.

The habits you are forming, the home life you have, the friends you are making, the clothes you are wearing and the activities you are engaging in all are gradually molding your personality for better or for worse.

Remember, too, all the line clothes in the world will have little meaning if you do not have fine conduct to go with them.

The way you wear your hair, the way you fix your face, the beauty of your body and all your other assets can be destroyed, if your actions do not add up to those befitting a lady or gentleman.

Let your conduct, then, tell all onlookers that your appearance, too, is motivated by a sincere heart.