How to teach children about money?

Child money.

Guests Post: By Celina

Teaching Kids About Money

Let’s face it; the way the world is going at the moment, the quicker children can learn about money the better.

This does not mean that you should be breeding your small children to be masters of the economy.

All the same, you should instill beliefs in your children whereby they realize the importance of money.

They need to be aware of how precious money is and that they need to save and be careful with the money they have got. Fundamentally you need to relay the value of money.

Then again, this is a lot easier said than done. Most children do believe that money has grown on trees after all. But don't fear; there is a solution.

Cartoons have become parents’ favorite tool when it comes to teaching children about the value of money.

That is right, from watching Tom and Jerry to The Power-puff Girls, your children can actually learn about cash.

A hard work ethic

A lot of cartoons featured on television today showcase how important it is to work hard in order to make money.

For example, there is the show Chowder that is based around an aspiring chef. The cartoon follows him as he embarks on his apprenticeship in order to achieve his dreams.

This illustrates how important it is to work and carve a career for yourself if you are to survive and make money.

Chowder is not the only programme that revolves around this notion. You have SpongeBob SquarePants, and he works extremely hard at the Krusty Krab in order to be frequently deemed employee of the month and reap in the cash.

The value of money

There are a lot of cartoons that are based around family life, even if these families do contain blue people, pink cats, and talking dogs.

Even so, these cartoons tend to show the dynamics of normal family life. You will see that the parents have a job and that they go out and work hard for the money they have.

You will see that the children tend to get pocket money, they are not always allowed their own way, and they have to be good in order to reap the rewards.

This is very much a replication of normal family life. This helps children to appreciate money more because they get to learn about it and its association with their life through an outside perspective.

Money isn't everything

Whilst it is vastly important to learn about money and the value of it, cartoons instill another crucial message, and this message is that life does not revolve around money.

Money is not everything. In cartoons you will see and learn about the bonds between the cartoon characters.

You will learn about how precious these are and how they tend to stand up against all else.

Most cartoons conclude with a moral relating to feelings, emotions, and friendship, rather than who has got the most money. It is critical that children never lose sight of this.

As you can from this article, there is a lot to be gained by teaching your children about money via the use of cartoons.

Whether your child is watching Tom and Jerry or Chowder they will be able to absorb more knowledge about working hard to achieve money, the value of money, yet the fact that money is not everything.

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As a freelance journalist, Celina used a variation cartoons – ranging from ben 10 free games to Batman – in order to research for this article."