How to promote kindness in your family?


Kindness is refreshing.

We appreciate it especially because so many people we meet are without kindness.

We read of parent’s beating children and violence of all kinds, but rarely do we read any headlines telling of an outstanding act of kindness.

So ask yourself, do you make an effort to show kindness?

Or if someone is unkind to you, are you unkind to the next person you meet?

Or do you take your feelings out on your family?

Do not be surprised, then, to see your children treat the household pet with meanness.

Why not act instead as a solid reef to stop the spreading waves of unkindness? The place to start is at home, and the one to start with is oneself.

Promoting kindness in the family

In a family where kindness is shown, each one, father, mother and children, must have a part.

Husbands should not take their wives for granted, but look for opportunities to give encouragement.

Is the spirit in your home such that, when someone says something nice, the other person says, ‘All right, now what do you want?’

How much better it is when the wife shows appreciation for the hard work of her husband and the husband lets his wife know how much he enjoys the meal.

Do you do that?

It is important not to have two standards, speaking with consideration and politeness outside the home, but unkindly, bluntly and without feeling to those who are close to you.

It is often true that actions speak louder than words, so kindness can be shown not only in speech but also by our actions in the home.

It may be something little, something unexpected, but bringing happiness or expressing sympathy. It is not necessary but certainly kind if a husband brings flowers for his wife.

Or perhaps the wife is not feeling well.

It does not take long to help with the dishes or with the children, and she may appreciate it more than a gift.

Try letting kindness be your gift.

The wife has an important part in establishing a spirit of kindness in the family. ”

Instead of being an exception, this should be a law or rule of action for the wife.

It means thinking before speaking.

With this rule for the home, we will find that kindness solves problems.

Kindness to children

Kindness to children is important for a happy family. Cultivate this quality in them as well, and remember that they do as they see you do.

So commend them when they do well in school.

Parents should not be irritating their children, and it is a good thing for parents to organize their family in kindness, so that the children know what is expected of them and so they will be built up by a good schedule.

Children, of course, need encouragement and even discipline to follow out a schedule to be prepared for their studies and to fulfill home chores that may be assigned.

But kindness is not to be confused with sentimentality or letting things slide.

Mistaken kindness can result in juvenile delinquency.

It is no kindness to children when parents do not care about the company they keep, about their school attendance, but just let the children drift and do things their own way.

The children may well think the parents do not care if this happens.

While children, because of immaturity, may not appreciate the close supervision, reproof given to a wise person will cause him to love you for it, and, in time, the same will be true of the child.

Some parents pamper their children by giving them everything they can.

But a survey at certain school revealed that not a single straight ‘A’ student owned a car, while 83 percent of those who failed did.

Surely the parents providing the cars thought it was a kindness to the child, but it was not so from an educational standpoint.

However, at the breakfast table if your child accidentally knocks over the milk, do you think he likes to be told crossly that he or she is clumsy?

Try kindness.

Treat others as you like to be treated, as this is the real essence of kindness.


If you like to have kindness shown to you, try making a practice of showing kindness to others.

The little thought and effort it takes bring much happiness.

A gentle, friendly and merciful attitude is associated with kindness, and it is certainly much better to show kindness in the first place than to try to patch up unhappiness.

So if you find in your family a tendency toward friction or lack of love, even harsh, rude talk, try cultivating the spirit of kindness.