What to do when jobs are hard to find?

Window cleaner.

Jobs naturally are harder to come by when unemployment is high and competition for them is keen.

Even so, much of the increase in time between jobs often stems from the inability of unemployed individuals to make preparations to land a job.

Educators, government officials and businessmen all say that many people remain jobless simply because they do not know how to prepare themselves for the interview.

Other unemployed individuals are reluctant to move to areas where employment is available.

Personnel officers state that most people do a very poor job of selling themselves.

They either do not know where to look for work, or what to say when they do find an opening.

It is obvious that a great many unemployed persons need to know what they must do to prepare themselves for the task of job seeking.

What can be done 

Today’s unemployed can benefit themselves immensely by doing one or more of four basic things:

(1) attend a school that will teach them how to approach an employer, or equip them with a trade that is in demand;

(2) seek employment in a field other than their own trade or profession;

(3) move to an area where there is work

(4) create employment for themselves.

The first two suggestions are in reach of almost every unemployed individual in many places, and their end is rewarding.

Bear in mind that jobs are more exacting today than they were fifteen or even ten years ago-and they are more exacting than the greatest number of the unemployed force is equipped to perform.

Schooling will help, since many of the long-term unemployed are marginal groups who lack education, training or physical abilities.

Many of these people would be rejected because they could not qualify for jobs they apply.

The lack of education of the nation’s youth is highlighted by the number of people who never went beyond basic school.

A closer look at these people reveals that many of them do not have jobs.

Their rate of unemployment was four times that of other young men of comparable age.

The majority of them work in jobs requiring the least skill, providing the lowest earnings and involving the greatest vulnerability to unemployment.

There is no escaping the fact that these unemployed must be trained before they can be absorbed completely into the labor force.

Therefore schooling does really help.

Moving to a place where there are jobs might be difficult to do if one is married and has a family.

Nevertheless, it might be the wisest thing to do.

Moving is never easy, not even under normal circumstances, but it has been done and is being done by job seekers daily.

The fourth suggestion, of course, is possible if one has a trade and is a hustler; he can find odd jobs here and there to keep him going.

There is always carpenter, mechanical and office work to be done.

There is a chance of turning a hobby into a paying job.
It will not hurt to try.

“Help wanted” agencies 

Private and government “help wanted” agencies are in abundance.

Many of them deal with specialized help.

Go to the agency that can serve your needs.

The private employment agent is the in-between man with the right qualifications to supply the right worker for the job, the right job for the worker.

Business and industry use his service.

So why don’t you?

A part-time job might serve your needs while you spend the extra time looking for the work you really want.

In that case it should pay you to investigate the many opportunities for employment offered by firms that specialize in placing temporary office workers.

Check the “help wanted” columns in your local newspaper or online classifieds.

Leave no stone unturned.

Advertise your need to as many people as possible.

Do not let disappointment discourage you.

You can defeat your unemployment problem.