Why it is important to train your children to deal with ridicule?

Child fear.

Power of fear of ridicule

A group of young people, having discovered this bottle of green liquid, thought it was drinkable and some of the youths ridiculed those who did not want to take a drink.

Of those that drank, three teenage boys became seriously ill and the seventeen-year-old girl died.

The green-colored liquid was antifreeze.

The dead girl’s father said:

"It was one of those things that teenagers call a 'chicken' incident which some of the kids would be called ‘chicken’ if they didn’t take a drink of liquor.”

Fear of ridicule has thus led to the death of innumerable persons.

It has caused young people to get into all kinds of difficulties, bringing grief to their parents.

Fear of such verbal missiles of ridicule as “chicken” or “sissy” or has spawned unimaginable tragedy.

Yet how often parents fail to train their children to inure their principles against the weapon of ridicule.

Fear of the sneer is a mighty factor in the behavior patterns of many adolescents and is responsible for the grave troubles in which many of them find themselves.

A young girl taught to treasure the purity of her body and person may surrender it to escape the contempt of unprincipled companions.

A boy impressed in his home with a respect for honor and virtue, can reap a lifetime of regret because of his peers.

Whenever a group of youngsters is convicted of a joint crime you may be sure that some of them participated mainly to avoid derision.

To their sorrow, they were misled to believe that conformity is wiser than the courting of ridicule.

Fear of the ridicule that is embodied in the sneer has downgraded integrity and enthroned cheating.

It has made the clergyman cautious in mentioning sin and parents reluctant to invoke discipline.

Fear of the shrieking of the mob is implanted in us in the ignorance of childhood.

It is preposterous that it retains its grip on us in the maturity of adulthood.

Why let the fear of ridicule be implanted in children?

Why not implant the proper fear?

Then when children grow up they will not be misled by the disastrous, deadly fear of ridicule.

Let parents be diligent, then, to train their children as to what to fear and what not to fear.

Ridicule is an impotent weapon when leveled at minds trained according to the voice of reason.