If money could talk what would it say?


What money would say?

Do you know me?

You should, for I am the most sought-after commodity on the face of the earth.

I can be recognized in most any part of the world, no matter what the language.

Few in any land would think of going anywhere without me.

Wars and the length of them are often predicated on the abundance and the availability of me.

Children are snatched away from parents for the ransom I will pay.

I am taken at gunpoint or freely handed over to people making false promises.

Some women marry because of me, others divorce because of me.

I can split families asunder and bring on a legion of woes to those who have love for me.

It is probable that people have done more injury and lasting harm to one another in the name of me than for any other reason.

My name is Money.

But in your land I may be called the peso, the pound, the franc or the shilling.

Whatever I may be called, there is that mad and almost obscene quest for me.

I am different things to different people.

I am bribe money, hush money, and kickback money.

I am stolen money, blood money, and alimony.

I am drug money, drinking money, and tobacco money.

These are but a few uses by some that can result in a heavy toll to life and limb.

To others, I am the necessary but ever elusive day to day living expense money—some accuse me of having wings by which I fly away.

Those who have undying love for me titillate themselves with glowing visions of wealth and happiness.

But alas, even after some have amassed a great store of me they find, sadly, that I have not brought the real happiness they had imagined, so the suicide rate among them is staggering.

Reams have been written to show that I am not the panacea that people have expected me to be.

I am not what I used to be.

Physically my looks may be changed.

With the latest technology in printing,

I can now be copied so expertly that even the trained eye cannot tell me and my look-alike apart without difficulty.

Whatever the color, however, I will not be any easier to come by than the old me.

But the real dramatic changes that you have seen have to do with my value.

It has to do with deflation and inflation.

When I am the one inflated, my value is deflated.

What has inflated is not only your worries and concerns but the cost of the items you are swapping me for.

So, what some years ago you could buy with one or a few of me, today takes many of me.

The world over, people put their trust in me.

To gain me, they thought, would be the cure all for their problems.

In the end I proved to be nothing of the kind.

I am but a piece of paper or a few metal coins.

I am only worth what I can buy.

When my buying power is gone, then I am worthless.

Since I am the elusive one, a commodity for many hard to come by, it would seem that great care should be taken as to how I am spent.

If you are budget minded as you push your cart through the aisles of the supermarket but disappointed when you compare your sales receipt with your budget, then take heart.

It is obvious to all, then, that I am in and out of your pockets like a flash.

Yet, I am a necessary item in your life.

I can bring you some temporary measure of happiness if you will see me for what I am really worth.

But if you overestimate my value and make me your chief goal in life, I can be calamitous!