How to apply preventive maintenance to your life?

 Maintenance principle.

Did you know that there is such a thing as preventive maintenance?

There is, and, what is more, you can and should apply it to your body and life.

Preventive maintenance principle

“Preventive maintenance,”  simply  means applying the old principle that  “a stitch in time saves nine.” 

Maintenance, as used in this regard, refers to keeping things in repair.

As defined by Webster’s unabridged dictionary, maintenance means:

“the labor of keeping something (such as buildings or equipment) in a state of repair or efficiency.” 

Every institution, business or manufacturing plant, therefore, has need of maintenance.

Preventive maintenance has much to recommend it.

It makes good sense.

It eliminates costly shutdowns, for it means keeping things in such shape that they do not break down, needing repairs.

It also means that equipment lasts much longer.

Such preventive maintenance involves many things.

It means, first of all, seeing to it that all moving parts on the machines are properly lubricated.

It means periodically checking machines, being alert to note any cracks, loose bolts, nuts, and so fort h, as well as carefully listening while the machine is operating for any irregular sounds.

It means keeping the machines clean and properly adjusted and having replacements on hand for parts likely to break or to wear out soon.

It also means training operators so that they understand their machines and, among other things, at what speed the machine should run to get maximum service with minimum wear.

One of the most consistent users of preventive maintenance most likely is the aviation industry, for with them it means saving not only time and money but also lives.

Thus at one airline there are pre-flight inspections, inspections of landing gear, tires and such-like every 14.5 hours, other inspections at longer periods, and complete overhaul of jet engines every 3,500 flying hours.

Preventive maintenance to your body and life

As for personal preventive maintenance, this can be applied to the very care we give our bodies and life.

But we must do our part if we would have them remain in a state of maximum efficiency.

By doing what?

By seeing to it that we get fresh air, sunshine, proper food and drink, enough physical exercise, rest and sleep.

Then when sudden demands are made upon our bodies, such as exposures to inclement weather, or deprivation of food or rest, they will be able to weather the storm, as it were.

Of course, all this requires the exercise of self-control.

We may not begrudge the time and self-denials that are involved in this personal physical preventive maintenance if we would enjoy the best possible physical health.

Recognizing this principle of physical preventive maintenance, certain corporations hire doctors, who regularly provide checkups and give treatments to their employees, as a result of which there is much less absenteeism due to illness, and efficiency is greatly increased.

Preventive maintenance is something we can also apply with profit on the intellectual and emotional level, to our dealings with others.

Every human relationship, regardless of what it may he, runs the risk of misunderstandings, friction and crossing of wills because we are imperfect, or it may be due to the vicissitudes of life.

However, we can successfully weather such periods of stress if prior thereto we have shown kindness, thoughtfulness, loyalty and consideration in our dealings with others.

By using empathy we can avoid little things that might be misunderstood or that might work hardship to our neighbor, and we can rectify slight grievances so that they do not pile up to become a veritable mountain that might well result in an explosion.

No doubt much of the rebelliousness of youth seen in family circles and on college campuses, as well as many a strike in industry, could have been prevented had those having the oversight used empathy and dealt with grievances while they were still few and small.

This kind of preventive maintenance can also keep a marriage from going on the rocks

How so? 

By daily exercising care to keep relations smooth, by being quick to make amends where one has erred in being thoughtless, selfish or careless, the marital relationship can continue to be a happy one.

No question about it, giving thought to personal preventive maintenance is wise. 

It is as profitable as industrial preventive maintenance if not more so, for it can mean better physical health and, more important, smoother relations with others.