Why it is important to have a good sense of humor?


Good sense of humor

The possession of a good sense of humor makes sense.

It has always been rewarding.

And today, do not comedians and humorists earn large salaries?

Why, some writers of humorous lines for popular comedies earns million dollars a year, and that for writing but three to four minutes of dialogue each week.

No question about it, a keen sense of humor is rewarding financially.

A sense of humor is also rewarding in other respects.

It contributes to good relations with others, helps you to win friends and to keep them.

It has a salutary effect upon both mind and body, helping one to have peace of mind, health and happiness.

Why, just smiling has a beneficial effect upon the nervous system.

Try it right now. SMILE! OR LAUGH!

Do you not at once feel better?

That a sense of humor can help in this way is apparent from what Abraham Lincoln, American president of a century ago, once said:

With the fearful strain that is on me night and day as I was directing a life-and-death struggle for the survival of his nation-“if I did not laugh I should die.”

Though a very serious man, he deliberately injected humor into situations so as to relieve the strain.

One of America’s foremost humorists, Mark Twain, also demonstrates this philosophy.

His sense of humor made him famous, but he let it serve in the place of an abiding faith in God.

Well has it been said that “for health and constant enjoyment of life, give me a keen and ever present sense of humor; it is the next best thing to an abiding faith in providence.”

Regardless of the role you play in life, to have a sense of humor makes sense.

It will help you to level out the “mole hills” of the daily petty annoyances, mishaps, inconveniences and frustrations that come your way instead of making mountains out of them.

A sense of humor might be said to be a form of empathy or fellow feeling.

Even as this enables you to “weep with people who weep,” so a sense of humor will enable you to ‘laugh with people who laugh,’ and that though the joke may be on yourself.

A sense of humor might therefore be said to enable one to turn loss into profit.

To be able to laugh when you yourself are the victim of a ludicrous situation is a good sign.

It shows that you do not have too high an opinion of yourself, that you do not take yourself too seriously, are not vain or overly sensitive.

Of course, there is more than one kind of humor.

Strictly speaking, humor is wholesome, indicates a love of humanity and a certain amount of broad-mindedness and insight.

Because of this a distinction is made between wit and humor.

Wit is of the head; humor, more of the heart, although it also involves the head.

Wit laughs at people, as when it ridicules them or plays “practical jokes” on them.

Humor laughs with people, because it loves them and enjoys seeing them happy, even at the cost of one’s own vanity.

As with everything else, humor has its tit times and places.

Humor for its own sake has no place in a public funeral.

Neither is humor fitting when reproof is administered, by either the reprover or the one reproved.

The force of it is lost when humor enters into the situation.

Then is the time for all, especially the recipient of the reproof, to be serious, grave, sober, taking to heart the reproof.

Any other attitude would be tantamount to belittling the correction.

With some, humor comes naturally.

With others, it comes less readily.

If you are among the latter, put forth an effort to cultivate it.

Let your heart go out to your humans and try to see the amusing aspect of life’s little vicissitudes.

SMILE! for a sense of humor makes sense!