How love can help you conquer all challenges?


In this world we all at times are likely to suffer distress or problems that we may be compelled to endure or conquer.

It may be discipline, or other people's  mistakes, or it may be just the plain monotonous routine of earning a living or caring for a home and family.

Whatever it may be, will you be able to handle it?

Do you want to be able to take whatever your lot in life offers without suffering a mental breakdown? 

Then take it with love and you will be able to take it!

Of course, it might seem that it would be far simpler if you could escape by running away from it all. 

Some do that very thing, which accounts for so many who desert their family and friends.

Others, again, try to escape mentally so as to forget, for the time being, their lot in life. 

Among such “escape mechanisms” are indulging in fantasies that flatter one’s vanity, an extreme case of which a person imagines he or she is some other “great” person.

Another form this takes is withdrawing into a shell of self-pity or developing a martyr complex. 

All such escapism is a sign of immaturity and obviously does not solve the problem.

The mature, the right and wise way to take these things is to take them with love. 

Whatever you may be required to take, love will help you to take it.

Take it with love and you can take it

If youths love their parents, their teachers, their instructors, their elders regardless of where or who they may be, then they will be able to take counsel, discipline and correction without rebelling. 

Often misunderstanding is hard to take. 

You may feel that the other one should know better, is laboring under false impressions or is acting inexcusably selfish. 

Love, however, will enable you to make allowances for that one, to exercise patience and try to straighten out the matter. 

Love will keep you from being unduly sensitive in your relations with others, thus making it easier for you to take it.

Then, again, disaster may strike suddenly, in the form of loss of job, home or loved one

How will you take it? 

Curse your lot in life? 

Or take it with love and be thankful for what has been spared?

Or are you the victim of some prejudice—cultural, economic, national or racial

Are you suffering persecution?

Love will keep you from becoming bitter, from seething inside with schemes of vengeance or retaliation

Or perhaps you are among the many parents whose lot it is to do monotonous work day in and day out in order to provide for those dependent upon them. 

Love for your family, however, should enable you to bear this burden without undue resentment.

Remember, your family is looking to you to provide for them, they are of your flesh and blood and are yours! 

Is not the fact that you are able to provide for them far more important than the particular way by which you may get the necessary means?


The same, of course, applies if you happen to be a stay home mum.  

Without love the daily routine of making beds, cooking meals, washing and ironing, cleaning and shopping and otherwise caring for your brood, may be so tedious.  

But if you have love in your heart for your family and children that you conceived and, by the miracle of birth, brought into the world, then you will appreciate how much your efforts contribute to their well-being and happiness, and it will not be too hard to take.

Yes, regardless of what it may be—perhaps weighty responsibilities or challenges that you cannot conscientiously get out from under—take it with love and you will be able to take it