How to stop snoring loudly?

A funny cartoon of man snoring very loudly.
Are you a loud snorer? 

Some people are and do not even know it.

Thus, they are not aware of why they wake up feeling weak and groggy.

While a person with this disorder sleeps, throat muscles that keep the breathing passages open relax to the point that the airway closes.

Up to a minute may pass before the person gasps for air and awakens briefly.

Most sufferers do not know that their sleep is disrupted.

The only clue may come from a roommate who is often awakened by the loud snoring.

The tendency to snore occurs as we age.

It may also occur with allergies and sinus problems.

But if the loud snoring is accompanied by periods of no breathing, followed by gasping or snorting, and daytime sleepiness or fatigue occurs, sleep apnea is likely the culprit.

Is there a solution?

The most common treatments are devices that keep the airways unobstructed during sleep.

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