Why you should avoid conflict?

Arguing with an umpire.

A motorist starts to back his car into an empty parking space.

Another car comes up from behind and quickly sneaks into the space.

In anger the first motorist goes to the other car to reprimand the driver. 

Suddenly the second driver rips him open with a knife.

In a neighborhood grocery store two men get into a dispute. 

They go out into the street, where one beats the other to death with a baseball bat.

We can read of such incidents nearly every day. 

Many people in these stressful times are very “edgy,” so that a burst of anger or a wrong word can trigger a fight that costs a person his life. 

On a larger scale, riots and revolutions take a heavy toll.

Life is indeed becoming cheap in the eyes of an increasing number of people.

How do you feel about life?;

Do you value it?

If so, are there steps that you can take now to protect your life?

Is there anything that will ensure protection, or at least, a greater measure of safety?

Yes, there is. 

But it requires some effort to know what to do, and constant vigilance in doing it. 

Control your temper

Control of your own temper is one of the foremost qualities for which to strive. 

Keeping a calm tongue under aggravating circumstances can save your life and the life of others. 

Self-control can prevent great grief and can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.

But the ability to control one’s spirit is not easy to achieve.

How can you develop self-control so that you can maintain calmness under dangerous circumstances?

By practicing control of your speech when with your family, when at work, or when things do not go just as you would like. 

Of course, you cannot entirely avoid getting angry.

However, surely if you value your life, that is a goal worth working for.