Financial success yes, but at what cost?


Is financial success the only goal in your life?

What are you prepared to do in order to achieve it?

With poverty abounding, many people have pursued financial success to the exclusion of everything else.

How do you compare in this regard?

Do you feel that you must achieve more money than your peers no matter what the cost?

Do you take great pleasure in talking about your wealth?

A TV commercial urges people to “Be successful. Be important” by using a certain brand of toothpaste.

While we all know that toothpaste could hardly hold the key to a person’s becoming important, the advertisers are showing they recognize that people want to be identified with things that carry the tag of “success.”

The desire to succeed and to be recognized by others is a natural one.

Nevertheless, both men and women often place such emphasis on human achievement that they put themselves under pressure to “keep up with the Joneses.” 

Could this be dangerous?

Could it affect you negatively?

Success verse cost

Untamed personal ambition to be rich can exert much pressure.

In some homes the parents may continually strive to improve their earnings in order to boost the family’s social standing.

Children can be pushed toward unreasonably high academic performance at school.

This is particularly a problem in developing nations where many believe that the key to a person’s bettering his lot is higher education.

The community too may exert pressure on a person to aim for higher education, wealth, and positions of prestige and influence.

Success, which is usually measured in terms of money, may lead to prominence, praise, and respect.

No matter how virtuous and impressive one’s qualities are, most people will not respect and recognize him, if he has no money.

What can result?

Such success can bring some enjoyment, but consider the high price it also exacts.

Families may breaking down, largely because of money and what money can buy.

Even the spouses who still manage to hold together hardly talk in terms of their parental obligations.

They are all too busy in the pursuit of the wealth to notice the emotional well-being of their children

This neglected children then turn to drugs and crime or running away from home, and the price becomes very high.

For some pressure to succeed has pushed some ambitious people into dishonesty and immorality.

Young women have even traded sexual favors for good exam results and employment.

Is this really success?