Why avoid putting your gadgets on standby mode?

Standby button on a remote.

Energy worth an estimate billions is being wasted in many countries each year.


Devices such as computers, televisions, video players, and even coffeemakers are left in standby mode.

This is done to run their clocks, maintain their memories, and display their settings—or simply so that they will be ready for instant use.

It is reckoned that the energy consumed annually by such idling devices creates millions tons of greenhouse gases, through electric powerhouse production.

These gases are poured into the atmosphere and may be adding to the effects of global warming.

However fashionable green ideology is among young consumers, few make the connection between the generation of electricity and the warming of the planet.

It is not generally realized that many electronic gadgets use almost as much energy on standby as they do when working at full capacity.

Bad design also plays a part.

What can you do?

The amounts of electricity for each gadget may seem quite small.

But because there are millions of us using electricity, it adds up to quite a lot.

Household items such as refrigerators quite obviously cannot be switched off.

But it is good to get into the habit of switching off lights that are not needed and switching other appliances off rather than leaving them in standby mode.

This will not only save you money but also help to save our planet from unnecessary pollution.