Why words of commendation are very important?

Appreciating an employee.

Word are of little value when deeds are needed.

But it would be a mistake to conclude that fine words are useless.

By no means!

The value of fine words can be illustrated by the experience of a hardworking mother of five children.

Diligently she labored to keep her house and the clothes of her family neat and clean and, what is more, she cooked very good meals.

But did her family ever think of giving her a compliment because of how clean she kept their home and for the tasty meals she prepared day after day?


When she once brought this to their attention, they replied: “O Ma, you should know that so long as we don’t complain, everything is just fine!”

How typical of many, many families!

Yet how thoughtless, how unwise and how unloving!

Life is so full of things that tend to depress or discourage.

Disappointments and personal failings have a tendency to produce negative thinking.

How much appreciated, then, is the word of commendation whenever it can be given!

So, look for opportunities to commend instead of harping on weaknesses and shortcomings.

Encourage by words of commendation

Are you an employer or foreman?

Do you think of giving encouraging commendation when an employee works diligently and conscientiously, perhaps putting forth special efforts because of unusual circumstances?

Or are you an employee that has been favored with more than usual understanding and consideration on the part of your employer or foreman?

If so, have you made some expression of appreciation there for?

Or, you parents, when your children show themselves dutiful, resisting temptations to follow the selfish, wayward course of others and, instead, bring home from school good reports as to their studies and conduct, do you bestow encouraging commendation?

What about you youths?

Did you ever think of going out of your way to express appreciation to your father and mother for all they do for you?

After all, your mother might have left you as a babe at some foundling home or your father might have deserted his family, as so many thousands of fathers and mothers have done.

Did you ever think of surprising them by a “thank you” card or message in the mail?

 A pair of daughters did that to their widowed mother, and what happiness it brought her!

How wise it would be for all who have the responsibility of oversight or who have others in their care, such as parents, schoolteachers, overseers, foremen and employers to commend those under their oversight.

Keep up the good work” is encouraging in two ways. 

The adjective “good” shows appreciation for what has been accomplished and telling one to “keep up” what he is doing serves as an incentive or admonition to do more of the same. 

Truly, fine words, encouraging words of commendation, do have their place in the lives of all of us.