How to be a loving husband?

A cute family.

Nevertheless, in a society where the family is the basic unit it is proper that a man should take his responsibility as husband seriously.

Some husbands, though, have difficulty in adjusting themselves to the home environment because of the highly competitive atmosphere in which they must work all day, where the big-man-kick-little-man attitude often alienates the boss from his workers.

The boss wants to get as much out of his workers as he can.

His presence will stimulate activity, but will not always be welcome.

Perhaps you would like to improve conditions under which you work but are not in position to do so.

However, you can do something about conditions in the home where you are the husband.

Your homecoming can be something that the whole family looks forward to, or it can be a time when your wife says, “Look out, kids, your father’s coming!"

Being a loving husband

Something that makes any of us feel good is when the boss comes along, notices the good work we are doing and commends us.

Nothing is more discouraging than always to have one’s mistakes noticed and bad work returned, while good work seemingly goes unnoticed, taken for granted.

When we stop to think about it, we know that we are getting paid for doing the job right, but we still appreciate a little pat on the back.

Now, if a husband feels that way, would it not be reasonable to conclude that a wife does too?

She will soon sense it if her housekeeping and cooking are being taken for granted.

She works hard to have the house clean and the meal ready on time.

Or perhaps she has spent a lot of time looking through magazines to find a new recipe.

She has changed her dress and tidied her hair, and now here comes her husband.

Coat thrown there, shoes kicked off there, he gobbles down the meal without noticing anything different, and then sinks back in the armchair buried in a newspaper.

What a disappointment! If only he had said something that showed a little appreciation.

It would have required very little effort, and it would have meant so much.

Empathy, putting oneself in the place of the other person makes all the difference.

It can turn a boss-like husband into a loving husband.

All right, so you have been pushed around all day, but why make your home as unpleasant as the place where you work?

Why not make it a place where there is an atmosphere of love and mutual refreshment?

This points to the importance of having a happy home environment.

It comes about, not regardless of what the husband does, but because of what he does. How much effort do you expend in this regard?

You may be very generous, showering your wife with gifts but have you noticed that there is not the same response as there used to be.

Perhaps she feels that your gift-giving has become perfunctory.

If this is the case, use a little more initiative, giving a gift when it is not expected.

It is not that the gift is an expensive one, but it comes as a surprise and says,

"Thank you, Darling, for all the effort and cooperation in making our home such a happy place.”

Therefore, always having empathy, commend wherever possible and being alert to ways of showing appreciation.

You can avoid the reputation of being just a family boss and show that you really are a loving husband.