Why stop being always in a hurry?

A man hurrying away from a subway train.
New Yorkers have a reputation of being people in hurry. As a rule they talk fast, eat fast, drive fast and many die fast."

The millions of tourists who come to visit the city each year never cease to be amazed at the pace of the city.

But before their 'two weeks’ vacation is over, they too become engulfed in the hurried rhythm of things, so much so that often it becomes hard to distinguish the visitor from the native New Yorker.

In fact, some even like the excited pace and dread to return to the slow gait of their hometowns.

Contributing factors causing people to act hurriedly

A picture of people hurriedly walking.

Why do people hurry? One private secretary who was about to leave her office was asked the question. She answered:

 I have a home to go to, meals to cook and a couple of children waiting for me. That’s why I hurry.”

After she leaves the office there are buses and trains to catch and shopping to do.

To miss a single transportation connection may mean loss of as much as 15 or 20 minutes. “Think what I could do at home with 20 minutes!” she said.

Dan like so many other workers who drive to and from work, is always conscious of the traffic problem. “I hurry to beat the traffic” he says,

It is no picnic after a hard day’s work to buck traffic for an hour. You've got to make every second count or else you won’t have time to enjoy with your wife and kids.” 

He rushes to avoid traffic or he fights traffic to be with his family.

No doubt many have legitimate reasons for hurrying, but is this always the case? There are a number of people who have no idea why they hurry.

Everybody else is hurrying, so they hurry too. They often lack patience.

If they are driving they will frequently pass on dangerous curves or hills and honk their horns at the slightest delay.

When shopping or dining out they demand immediate attention or else they will make life miserable for themselves and others.

And about the first thing they do when they get home is to collapse exhausted in a chair and wonder what makes them so tired. If they would slow down they would know.

Poor judgment, perhaps should head the list of the factors of why people are always in a hurry.

Many just do not allow themselves time enough to do things they want to do.

They do not allow themselves time for the unforeseen to happen. Their schedules are always so tight that when some mishap does occur they become people in hurry.

Their reason for the big rush can be traced to ambitious scheduling. Many people try to crowd too many activities into an already overcrowded schedule.

To escape this killer, one must learn to be content with getting less done.

No doubt it would be nice to have and do many things. Since we cannot have or do all things, some things must be sacrificed.

So why not sacrifice the non-essentials and avoid needless worry? As a rule worried people worry about missing a train or appointment. So they rush.

Negative effects of hurrying

A man on a busy street waiting for vehicles to pass.

There was a time when neighbors would sit together on the front porch and enjoy a good and wholesome conversation.

But who has time for that anymore especially in the larger cities? People have become too busy.

They do not even have time to enjoy a meal. They exist on snatches here and there and gobble their food down as if they were on the way to put out a fire.

Of what profit is all this haste?

One thing is sure, the quickened pace has contributed to poor health, unpleasant relations and jagged nerves. In moments of rush people often forget that they are human.

They shove their way into buses and push others aside carelessly and rudely. Frequently their behavior causes tempers and fist to fly.

Ulcers and nervous breakdowns are common fruit of the hurried.

Impatience and haste are also chief causes of accidents on the highway in the homes and in factories.

An impatient car driver will risk passing on a hill rather than creep along behind another vehicle. This move may sometimes end in a disastrous accident.

An impatient wife may call a repairman and then try to do the job on her own before he arrives.

As a result, she often injures herself or greatly damages the equipment.

The old proverbs are still true: “Haste makes waste.”


There is a time to hurry. But even then, such hurry must be mingled with good sense, love, mildness and self- control that can keep one in the right balance.

Be reasonable. Learn to slow down so that you can see and appreciate the things you already have.