Can you say No when it matters?

Saying no.

Do you want to take the wise course, the course that really pays? Then, at times, you must be able to say “No.”
Not being able to say no has brought distress and regrets to countless persons.

Saying no at the right is so important. Are you able to say no? To whom you may ask?

Wisdom and right principles often requires that we say no to ourselves. You know your weakness, be alert to them when temptations arise.

When it matters to say No


If you are overweight you must be able to say no at the dinner table long before you feel full. Is this difficult for you? But you well know that the result is worth it.

Or does your weakness happen to be spending money injudiciously? Then put up your guard and force yourself to say no, no, no, when shopping or passing tempting window displays.

If laziness is your vulnerable spot then you must say no to yourself when tempted by sleep late or when there is work to be done about the house, especially when you see an opportunity to loaf on the job.

Then again, ever so many people are unable to say no to the TV, but cultivating self-control along these lines is to your best interests. And since the heart is deceitful, guard against the path that leads to temptation.

Then there is matter of saying no to the importunity of friends.

Your best friends may well be your worst enemies when they entice you to pamper yourself, to yield to temptation, when they say, “Take it easy!” when you know full well you should exert yourself.

Yes, when temptation is sugar coated by the kindness of friends, then especially you must be able to say no.

Can you say no to sale talk? Be on guard; do not let the flattery of a clever salesman make you easy prey. You are the steward of your money, earned or yet to be earned.

Do not follow the modern trend of burdening yourself down with a lot of debts to be paid later.

If you make it a rule to buy only what you are able to pay for, then it will be a great help in saying no to all manner of inducements and may save you many regrets later.

Or at times circumstances may throw you into close association with bad companions at your place of work, or at school should you be a student.

 When they seek to entice you to join them in wrong doing, you must be able to say no. Do not argue with them. There are simply no merits in their offers, only bitter regrets you will reap.

Being able to say no may be especially important for those having oversight, such as school teachers, foremen, superintendents, presiding minister and suchlike.

They should not be unduly swayed by the desire to be a good fellow, to be popular, so as to fail to say No when they should.

Especially parents must be able to say no to their offspring when wisdom dictates that they should be firm.

But there is also the matter of how to say no to their children and do so understandingly, giving reasons or explanations, being aware how the refusal will be felt by the child.

Coupling kindness with firmness will help the child realize that love and principle are at work.

However, there is yet another aspect of this matter of saying no. Be sure that saying no is not just a bad habit.

There is a time to say yes even as there is a time to say no. Do not let your saying no be merely a matter of being uncooperative, indifferent or miserly.

Do not say no to some generous impulse you feel if you are able to act upon it to the benefit of others.

When it comes to being helpful, when asked to assist emergency, be generous as opportunity requires and your means permit.


So when it comes to your own weakness, bad desires, mistaken kindness of others, those who would exploit you, by all means say no and mean it.

However, say yes when occasion or subject deserves it.