Why be a friendly person?

Smiling cookies.

When someone leaving or enters the room holds the door open you, how do you feel?

When a person smiles and extends his hand to shake yours, what was your response? 

What is your reaction when somebody says a nice thing about you?

Would any of the above gestures by another person make you angry

On the contrary, they are far more likely to make you glad.

The usual reaction to friendly acts or words is a smile, a thank you, a kindly feeling toward the friendly one.

Such positive reactions are normal.

They are the way most people respond to quality of friendliness. 

By far the majority of people appreciate a friendly person, like being around him and are happier by association.

Truly, it is difficult to dislike a sincerely friendly person, unless it is out of jealously.

On the other hand, most people avoid an unfriendly person if they have a choice.

Friendliness brings out the better nature of other people. It tends to make them friendlier.

Yes, friendliness is contagious!

Yes, even a normal gloomy attitude can be improved when a friendly approach is used.

Where the situation is downright hostile, often the friendly attitude calms anger and soothes ruffled feelings. This is because the friendly person does not add fuel to the fire, so it goes out.

True, it is not easy to be friendly in a generally unfriendly world.

The truth of the matter is that the unfriendliness of mankind is becoming more pronounced.

As time passes, violence, hatred, strife and prejudice increase.

But this does not mean that individually we must imitate the worst in mankind.

We can still be friendly and enjoy the benefits it brings within the family circle, among our close friends and among those with whom we work.

Under any circumstances it makes sense not to return in kind the coldness and nastiness of others, because if we do, then we will surely reap more of the same and increase the aggravation we bring upon ourselves.

Make friendliness work for you

There are those who think friendliness works for others not them.

Generally, these persons have not really tried it.

To get a friendly reaction from others one must be friendly.

If you sow friendliness, you will usually reap it.

But if you do not, you will generally not receive it back from others.

Remember that friendliness is universal in its effects and works on all sense possessing creatures, even brute beasts.

Yes, even animal respond much better to friendly persons than to those who are unfriendly. For instance, if a dog is spoken to harshly, will it wag its tail and come running happily towards its master?

No, the opposite will almost occur.

The dog will place its tail between its legs and edge away perhaps growing and baring its teeth, on guard against display of hostility.

But let the master speak in a friendly manner voice and it matter little what he says.

The dog will respond with wagging tail and come running expectantly to its master.

The gentle, friendly voice and manner, combined with a few friendly pats, provoke unbound joy in the animal.

Yes, everyone can have friendliness work for him or her if he or she works at it and cultivates it.

However, we want to make certain that we cultivate it with the proper motive in mind and that it is out of love for others.

It should not be hypocritical or to work out some selfish scheme, otherwise it will not stand the test of time.

Another word of caution is that one should exercise care not to go to the extreme of becoming overly friendly with the members of the opposite sex who are not one’s marriage mate or relative.

This might be misunderstood, particularly by the wife or husband of the other person.

It can lead to jealousy and ruined relationships.


The right kind of friendliness, the kind that is genuine, from the heart, is a thing of beauty.

The truly friendly person has an inward beauty.

The person is easy to get along with, does not promote strife, but contributes to the happiness of those with whom come in contact with him or her.

That is why those who practice friendliness are the most desirable associates.

Would you like to be such a person?

Then find more time to be friendlier to other people.