What your thanks can do?

Thanks to an employee.

We humans are capable of expressing thanks in many ways.

We may show our gratitude by simply saying “thank you” or by sending a “thank” card. 

Any one of these is adequate, but the “thank you’s” that seem to be remembered the longest are those we feel and see rather than those we read and hear."

For the expression of appreciative eyes, the warmth of a person’s smile and the grip of a hand that says “thank you” often speak out more eloquently than words.

And the good that flows from such loving gratitude is capable of lifting your heart and spirit.

One doctor prescribed what he called his “thank you” cure.

When the patient came to him disheartened and gloomy and but not having any indicators of serious aliment, he would give this advice:

"For several weeks I want you to say thank you whenever someone does something good to you and remember to put on a smile.”

The patients would often whine that most people do not do good things to them.

However the wise doctor would reply:

“Seek and you will find.” 

Several weeks later the patient would reappearance with a quite new radiance on their face and cured of their aliment.

Perhaps a thank you cure can make your life brighter.

What you thanks can do for others?

It known that falling to express appreciation can make people feel miserable.

When a taxi driver returned a man’s wallet that he had found in his car, the owner took the wallet without a word.

The taxi driver felt very disappointed. “If the guy had only sad ‘thanks,’” he said.

An employment officer asked job seeker why he quit his former job.

His reply: 

“For fifteen years I had never heard one word of thanks” 

The burden of ingratitude was heavier to bear than the work load.

A smile of appreciation, a reflection of thanks in some way would have made the difference.

A person who receives any good without giving thanks for it deprives the giver of his due.

Not to express thanks is to return evil for good.

Perhaps that is why an ingrate is referred to as the lowest type of person.

On the other hand, the expressing of thanks can bring out the best in people and encourage them to greater activity and industrious.

One mathematician reportedly had that a publisher had an unusually proficient secretary and was curious to investigate this.

One day while visiting the publisher’s office he got to ask her what her secret was.

What did he discover?

Apparently each time she performed a task her boss expressed gratitude.

Because of this she was motivated to perform even better the next task.

Hence, your honest and sincere appreciation can help others do more and help bring out the best in them.


Admittedly, world conditions are bad, but there are always some things for which you can be thankful.

However, for your thanks to mean anything to you or others, it must be expressed in all sincerity and without hypocrisy.

It should be accompanied by actions of appreciation.

This world has its special days for giving thanks, but you should not limit yourself to only this.

Cultivate a thankful spirit daily and add a whole new meaning to your life.