How to stop being annoyed?

Annoyed woman.

Are you easily annoyed? 

Do you create an embarrassing scene because a train is late or a plane’s flight is postponed or someone for whom you are waiting comes a little later than expected? 

Or do you become so upset over a foolish mistake by another driver that you shout insults or mumble about it for a long time afterwards?"

The way to loose friends and to be avoiding by others is to be easily irritated by small things.

The company of an annoyed person can be very unpleasant.

Allowing oneself to be irritated unnecessarily by things can also have more harmful effects.

Bad effect of being annoyed

Your general health can be affected if you allow yourself to become perturb over small things.

You upset your nervous system, and this can cause numerous ailments.

Even your heart can be affected adversely. Besides disturbing your health, petty annoyances can create tensions in your relationships with other persons.

If you are married, you can ruin the happiness of your marriage, making living with you intolerable.

How can your wife or husband be contented if you are so easily irritated by things that they do or you constantly speaking harshly or making unkind remarks?

How can there be happiness in your home if you or your wife is easily annoyed by the playing antics and even slight noise of your children?

Would it not be better for all if you were less sensitive?

No doubt there are many factors that affect your disposition, such as health, fatigue and your general temperament.

A tendency towards being nervous and high strung is more likely to cause you to be easily annoyed by pity things than if you were relaxed and easy going.

Nevertheless, ability to ignore small annoyance can be cultivated.

Dealing with annoyance

Self-control is what you need to exercise when you feel annoyed at something petty.

Nothing is accomplished by getting upset or angry.

Keep your emotions under control and try to look at the annoyance objectively, viewing it as inconsequential and not worth a dispute.

For example, when travelling, if there is nothing you can do to alter the situation, accept plane flights delays, late trains or car breakdowns as necessary travel risks.

Rather than getting all upset, look upon them as interesting things to talk about when relating your experiences to friends.

Usually the things that annoy people most are the things done by others.

Mannerism, lack of manners, repetitious noises, doing things in a way that appears awkward, inconsistent or different things from what you are accustomed to, can be sources of irritation if you permit them to be so.

Instead of becoming provoked over the things people do or say, make allowance for their imperfection and for the fact that all people are not the same.

Exercising love can also help you overcome any tendency to be easily irritated by being tolerant of others.

This can achieved by considering their peculiarities, not as annoyance, but as things the make them interestingly different.

If a person wants to hum a tune, why get disturbed about it?

Be pleased that he or she is in good mood.

Of course love should move others to also avoid making noises that disturb us.

But, it would be wise at times to exercise self-control and learn not to make a fuss about every disturbance.

Making an angry remarks or displaying a temper can only lead to enhancing bad feelings.


Indeed it takes real effort to remain calm under tensions of the modern life and to refuse to be irritated by unnecessarily by things.

But, the peace and harmony that can be in a home, the winning of friends, and the realization of a more tranquil life are worth the effort to avoid being easily annoyed.

So learn to conquer annoyances rather than letting them conquer you.