How to find pleasure in simple things?

A enjoying the ocean scenery and waves
What is pleasure?  Pleasure is a state of inner enjoyment. It is exaltation of the spirit, gladness or delight. Awe and a sense of wonderment are often a part of memorable pleasure. Not all people find pleasure in the same way or to the same extent."

A humanitarian finds pleasure in the service of his fellow humans.

An observer person with a keen eye for beauty finds pleasure in the marvelous colors, designs and variety in nature.

A deeply religious person finds pleasure in the worship of God.

But how can you find unforgettable moments of pleasure in life’s simplest things?

Pleasure amid a busy world

 A very busy woman trying to keep up with time.

We today are often vaguely aware that uncorrupted pleasure awaits us somewhere, if we will only open our hearts to make room for it.

But do we?

One autumn a young lady planted some flower bulbs, but when spring came she was busy at her place of business.

She had no time to notice that the bulbs had sprouted and beautiful flowers were in bloom.

Then one day she passed a beggar who had a sign that read: “It is spring and l am blind”

Early the next morning she rose and walked into the garden where the flowers were blooming profusely.

She picked a crocus and looked into its small red chalice.

A lady smelling a flower and appreciating simple things.

As she drank in its beauty she resolved the business, that thief, would never deprive her of such unforgettable moments of pleasure again.

It took a blind man to remind her of the pleasure of spring.

Pleasure without modern entertainment

Enjoying watching TV.

The whole subject of pleasure has somewhat been complicated by modern entertainment.

This has confined people generally to be part of an audience and rarely the participants.

There was a time when people found their own amusements.

People sang together, danced and played musical instruments by the fireside and practiced some kind of craft that took their thoughts from the daily routine.

Singing and dancing around a campfire on a beach.

Most of these pleasures are still with us, but among people in the modern age of movies and multi-media, their appeal has almost been forgotten.

One family discovered the pleasure of living without modern entertainment when there was unexpected electric power failure in their area.

They found candles and light them.

They made a fire and cooked hot dogs while they had lively conversations.

After the children went to bed, the parents lingered by the fire, reluctant to give up this unexpected lovely evening.

“Do you suppose it could be like this more often?” asked the father wishfully.

It was a moment of unforgettable pleasure.

Pleasure in childhood memories

A child blowing bubbles.

Babies as a rule find pleasure at the iridescent bubbles bursting in their bath.

Children get excited at the sight of butterflies.

They find exhilaration in learning to read, to whistle, to ride a bicycle and to swim.

So there is a pleasure in looking back on the days when you did those things and feeling the thrill over again.

For example, an old woman revisited a swimming pool of her childhood days long past, she took off her outer clothes and plunged in.

A old woman enjoying a swim.

The joy that she had when she was a girl returned to her.

She felt young again and shouted for joy.

Yes, even if we are adults now, we can still derive much pleasure at simple things we did during our childhood years.

Pleasure of companionship

A cartoon picture of a cabin.

A couple threatened with failure of their marriage thought that a vacation together away from the modern city life would do them good.

They rented a cabin miles away from any signs of civilization.

The owner had advertised the place as follows-

This place is miles from nowhere. No main road for miles around. You will sleep like a log. No traffic noises.”

The couple sat on the cabin porch in the evening, under sweet blooming roses, and talked.

They had never talked like this in years.

By day they picked berries, sat in patches of the sun.

A happy couple enjoying a vacation.

When time came for them for them to leave, they did not want to go.

They had found pleasure in being together.

The vacation became an unforgettable experience in the life of this couple, and it was the simplicity of it that made it beautiful.

Pleasure in doing thing for others

A happy mother showing the pancakes she made.

The most delicate and sensible of all pleasures are to be found in promoting the pleasure of others.

A young mother was reminded of this when she walked through a bakery.

The smell of newly made pancakes brought back treasured memories and fired her imagination.

She knew that almost every conceivable kind of pancakes could be bought at the bakery for less than she could make it.

Yet an unforgettable memory moved her to bake her own bread that day for the pleasure that it would bring to her family.

Vividly she recalled the days when she was a child and her mother made pancakes.

And the joy of eating it was a pleasure never to be forgotten.

Now the sight and sounds of her family enjoying her pancakes also brought much pleasure to her.

Somehow the pleasure was even finer this time because she was the one who was giving.


"Pleasure" is not a product that can be purchased, packaged and delivered to us.

It comes without much effort if we have the right outlook on life.

One’s appreciation or standards of values determines whether we will find pleasure and in what.

There is a tendency to forget the pleasurable beauty that surrounds us.

Unless effort is made to enjoy it, one will soon allow petty distractions to blur one’s vision and can spoil a beautiful day.

Remember that much that pleasure brings is found in life’s simplest things.