The dilemma of teenage pregnancies.

A pregnant teen in a dilemma over her pregnancy

Causes of teenage pregnancy

One of the reasons given for the rise in teenage pregnancy is the moral change in society.

This has ushered in a ‘sexual revolution,’ especially for women.

While many men have long felt that they could “sow their wild oats” before marriage, women were expected to preserve their virginity until then.

But now all that is changed!

More and more women, particularly now teens, are engaging in sex.

This has resulted in a phenomenal, epidemic [some call it “pandemic,” that is, universal] rise in teenage pregnancies.

In country after country it is admittedly “out of control.”

Another reason for teenage pregnancies is the early age at which many parents allow their children to date.

In previous generations, dating was permitted only when the young people were ready for the responsibilities of marriage.

And in many lands that dating was closely supervised and chaperoned.

Today, however, many youngsters are allowed to date unchaperoned in their early teen years.

When alone they often engage in activities that stimulate an urge for mating.

Trouble is the end result.

Typical here are the comments of one girl:

I didn't mean to go all the way, honest I didn’t. I thought I could control myself, but once we got to necking and petting, I didn't want to stop. Then before I knew it, we had . . . Now I’m pregnant. Oh, what am I going to do?”

Similarly, another teenage girl tells this story about becoming pregnant:

It all started innocently enough. At first we saw each other when others were present. But soon we found reasons and opportunities to be alone. At times I would cut classes to be with him and at other times I lied to my mother about where I was going. It was not long before we started to engaging in sex. I felt bad afterwards and decided this must stop. But I cared for him and he for me and we were soon back together again. In a week or two I expect to give birth. If my story can help even one confused and frightened girl like myself, it will be worth the telling. I know that there are many young people who feel that although they are dating and are not ready for marriage, they will not do anything wrong. They think they can kiss and pet and not become intimate. I thought so too. But now I know it doesn't work that way. One thing leads to another.”

Thus, being alone and unchaperoned, and not fully appreciating how their bodies work, ever so many young people get into trouble.

In fact, sociologists say that many young people are totally ignorant of the inevitable result that toying with sex leads to.

Some are not even aware that a girl can become pregnant the first time she engages in sexual intercourse.

Sex education and abortions

A young teen girls receiving education.

Some teens declare that if they had been given more sex education, unwanted pregnancy would not have happened.

But now sex education is part of the curriculum in the schools of many lands.

Contraceptive methods to prevent pregnancy are also a part of sex education.

Various devices are used to try to accomplish this purpose.

There are contraceptive devices designed for use by men; and women have diaphragms, intrauterine devices and birth-control pills.

Male and female sterilization is also used, but not generally on younger people.

Yet, despite all this supposed education and birth-control information, teenagers continue to get pregnant in ever greater numbers.


According to the researchers it seems media and social influence has an upper hand in shaping the values of this young teens than what is taught at school.

More disturbing is that more of these teens are now getting abortions.

Various countries have liberalized their abortion laws and growing numbers of teens now regard it as the only way to dispose of an unwanted baby.

But is this solving the problem of teenage pregnancies?

Does it eliminate the root cause?


Just the opposite occurs.

The easier access teens now have to abortion allows them more freedom to engage in sexual intercourse with the idea that ‘if anything happens, there’s always abortion.’

It is even noted at abortion clinics that there are ‘repeat patients’ who have more than one abortion.

However, a teenage mother who has her family to support her is more unlikely to consider abortion.

But what about those who don't?

For these there may be maternity homes and other agencies that can help during and after pregnancy.

In such locally or federally funded places the mother is assisted physically, and counseled in order to help her over this tragic episode in her life.

Often she is also helped to learn a skill that can be used as a future means of support for herself and her child.

But if she has no means of support, then “welfare” money is made available, which money ultimately comes out of the taxpayer’s pocket.

Despite such help, if proper care is not given to rehabilitate the teen mother, pregnancy may recur as one teenage mother stated:

When you're pregnant, you really believe you won’t ever let a man touch you again. But once your baby is born, you go back to being a woman again, with the same fears, frustrations and need to be loved. And before you know it, you may be right back where you started.”

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