The dangers of online dating

Girls discover the dangers of dating online the hard way

Internet dating is now becoming a norm rather than an exception. There are thousands of new dating sites starting up to tap this growing market.

Dangers of internet dating

Gone are the days when a guy had to master courage to meet face to face with a girl to make the first impression. Just send virtual flowers and your impressions are made.

You need not worry about rejection. Why?

Most of the singles both male and female who participate in this sites have already posted colorful resumes about themselves waiting anxiously someone to contact them.

So, all one has to have is basic computer skills, internet access and dating can be done from the privacy of your room.

But, wait, before you decide to dive into this world of internet dating it would be prudent to be also aware of it's dangers? Why?

This is because the users of dating sites are more prone to putting a false front to make themselves more marketable, but only leads to disappointment when face to face contact is made.

It is said that love is blind, but it seems that internet dating is love blind by default, as it makes it harder to access who the other person really is.

This is can be a hindrance to finding true love.

One lady was surprised when her charming handsome prince turned out to be a person old enough to be her father. What would she do with the feelings she had cultivate for him?

I guess you know how it ended, total disappointment.

So do not cultivate much feelings before you know the other person well.

To add this, there is a growing risk of encountering sexual predators or hardcore criminals on this sites. This may put you unconsciously in harms way.

So although internet dating has made it easier for people of all walk of life to find prospective marriage mates, it be wise to be cautious of the risks involved.

Therefore, we advise you take your time to know the other person well before you take any serious step.

In view of the challenges mentioned above, the questions we pose to our readers is if there is still hope for a successful marriage through dating sites?

What can be done to make dating sites more effective and safer?

Have you had a successful experience? What challenges have encountered? Please tells us.