Burnout in work place

A man suffering from burnout at work place

Why are they called man-hours? My search for a satisfying answer is yet to be realized, but considering the number of women on the workforce today, we may see some changes on this soon.

But why are workers overworked anyway?


For some, it is their burning ambition to get to the top which is the driving motivation to overwork themselves. Others however are living under the demanding work schedules and tyrant bosses.

It seems that no one is immured to the problem. Why? Take an example of those who are ironically charge with the responsibility to treat us when we exhibit burnout syndrome.

The Japan’s Mainichi Daily News reported that after a survey was conducted on 498 Japanese doctors and nurses were surveyed, the results showed that about 32 percent of them were suffering from burnout.

Among the doctors, psychiatrists were the most seriously affected. Almost a quarter of them were in a state of serious burn-out. What is the reason?

It appears many of them felt that they were dedicating to a goal that was not rewarding, that is why they showed feelings of exhaustion, failure, and self-hate.

I think this should explain why medical malpractice is also on this rise.

In fact, this reminds me of an incident one doctor related, about a prescription written by a doctor to a patient.

After the patient received it from the doctor, he took the prescription to the pharmacist to buy the drugs.

But to the amazement of the patient the pharmacist seemed perplexed and unable to decipher what the doctor wanted to prescribe.

Why? The prescription had this words inscribed “a sack of potatoes!” So the pharmacist kindly advised the patient to return to the doctor and clear up the matter.

The doctor later acknowledged that it was his potato business that was troubling his mind and apologized for any inconvenience.

So my advice is, take responsibility for your schedule, by taking periodic breaks to let the body and mind to rejuvenate and keep you sense of humor.

Be moderate with your ambitions and also live a healthy lifestyle. These can greatly helping you to cope with the daily pressures of work place and minimize burnout.