How to start a conversation?

A boy and a girl unable to start a conversation

Do have problems starting or striking conversations with people you meet?"

Here are a few tips to help you out:

1.  Ask questions

When a person asks a question, it automatically invokes the other person to give a response, hence starting a conversation.

Viewpoint questions are more effective in striking longer conversations as they invite people to express themselves willy without restricting them to specific answers.

2. Mention a point of interest

Expressing your feelings about matters that are of mutual interest to others paves way for others also to offer their comments regarding the subject matter you have raised.

Therefore, it is imperative for you to keep yourself abreast with current topics and happenings for you to start and keep a conversation going.

3. Offer sincere commendation

If you are aware of something good a person has done or accomplished, start a conversation by offering a sincere commendation.

This conversation starter approach usually lightens the mood, creating an ideal environment for a conversation.

Ensure your commendation is unpretentious and sincere to remove the element of suspicion of your intentions.

4. Follow customs and protocol

If you are in a foreign country or unfamiliar geographical location, it is important first to be acquainted with customs or protocols followed when offering greetings.

This will help you determine the best manner to address them without unduly offending them.

5. Do not give up

It might be a bumpy road for you if you are a shy person, however don't give up. Make a deliberate effort to start discussions by thinking beforehand questions that you intended to use.

Be patient with yourself when things do not go according to plan. Learn by listening to other people's discussions and research on how best to improve on your technics progressively.