How to get more freedom from parents?

Mother and daughter.

Youth generally yearn to gain freedom from their parents, but how can they earn it legitimately?

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Speak the truth

For you to get more freedom from your parents you will have to earn their trust.

This can only be achieved if they perceive you to be a truthful person.

Therefore the more you are caught lying, the more your freedom will diminish and eventually lead to loss of certain privileges that will deprive you of the freedom you seek.

2. Admit mistakes

You may feel that your parents are picking on you when they point out your mistakes, but making excuses will only dent your credibility to earn independence.

Apologizing for your faults and showing willingness to make amends will lessen your curfews or restrictions and earn your parents trust in the long run.

3. Offer to help out

Taking initiative to assist in tasks such as cooking, washing dishes, general cleaning, demonstrates to your parents that you are mature now and that you can handle responsibilities on your own.

When you take the first initiative to help out, it removes the need for your parents to keep reminding you to do those chores.

4. Be responsible

Acting responsibly in all matters that pertain to your personal life e.g. Punctuality, financial matters, use of the phone or computer will improve your track record as a trustworthy person.

The more you are consistent in displaying such responsibility the lesser supervision will be upon you.

5. Be patient

You may feel that in spite of your best intentions you are not getting the freedom you deserve.

Remember that building trust is like building a brick house, the complete house is only attained after building brick by brick.

Be patient, in time you will gain greater freedom.