How to control your anger?


Do people avoid you because they feel that you are like a volcano waiting to erupt at any moment?"

Do not despair here some tips to help you control your temper:

1. Acknowledging the problem

Owning up to the problem is the first important step to finding an effective solution.

Blaming others is easy, but you also have to take responsibility for how you react to provocations.

We cannot control what others say or do, but we can choose how to react. Therefore, only YOU have the power to make YOU angry.

2. Plan a better response

Planning mentally ahead on how to react to incitements will help you better rein in your emotions.

For example, you may plan that when provoked you will take a deep breath first, then talk comely and if unable to contain yourself take a brisk walk.

Rehearse these steps mentally and apply them daily, until they become part of your way of life.

3. Consider the consequences

When heated up you may say or do things that possibly you will regret the rest of your life.

Thinking of the negative consequences of rage can act as a deterrent to you getting irate.

Therefore ‘think before you leap’ as you may be leaping into the biggest embarrassment of your life or even death, if you encounter a mad man.

4. Do not give up

Indeed success cannot be achieved overnight and it has to be gradual. Hence, every time you lose temper try and learn from it.

Build better lines of defense from profiting from your previous failures. Do not give up, you will have to fail enough times before you succeed.

5. Get help

If the problem persists or is severe in nature, then it is prudent you seeking medical help as it could be a symptom of an illness.

Mood disorders can cause abnormal mood swings, however diagnosis can only be reached only after a thorough examination by a qualified professional.

Only after the diagnosis is confirmed can you begin now to learn how to cope with your disease.